Dylan Jiles Carlson is a composer based out of Los Angeles, CA. For more recordings, check out his soundcloud and vimeo pages.

about dylan


Dylan is a young composer from Minneapolis. After studying under Brooke Joyce at Luther College in Decorah, IA with a concentration in Composition, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he continues to write music across several mediums, including film, dance, theater, orchestra, electronic, choral, and chamber music.

Dylan Jiles Carlson

  • My Love Is Blind1:41
  • Monomaniac1:53
  • Karakoram1:48
  • Proof3:25
  • Gaining Power, Losing Wisdom2:45
  • Invited to Tea2:13

Collaboration is art in its highest form. I hope to be able to wake up and contribute each day of my life to the aural soundscape in which we live.‚Äč

City Lights- "Love at First Sight" reimagined by Dylan Jiles from Dylan Carlson on Vimeo.

The first 10 minutes of the iconic Charlie Chaplin film with original music for chamber orchestra written by Dylan Jiles. This thesis project was created at Luther College for educational purposes and is being shared within the restrictions of Fair Use law.


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